I would like to talk about being a  mature private Gold Coast escort. Firstly, it is challenging. I have been told by friends not in the industry such comments as "When are you going to give up sex work ? aren't you getting too old to be working with other escorts and doing this ?”. Well when is the cut off date? I have been in the sex industry for a long time, during  which I had a break, as I was married and did not  do it for a time, until things were going wrong. I am blessed  to still be attractive , younger looking and still have a good body with my healthy regime. I did not ever think I would be in the biz this long .I do not  compete with the younger ladies or anyone in fact. I do what I do and I don't say I am always making a fortune . It is tough these days, as so many girls have come into the biz. I just do my best.

I say it's a choice men have to choose a mature lady. A lot of younger men tell me they love mature ladies, older guys say they feel more comfortable as they don't want to go with someone their daughters' age etc. then you have the older men that are in denial and want a puppy, not someone like me. My opinion is an older woman has the experience of life and knows how to treat a man,  in the correct way. I feel just because  you are older you should not have lower your standard with cheap escort rates. I see this often .If you buy a mature wine it cost more than a more recent wine. If you were to learn a sport you would like to be taught by the professional not the amateur. I keep my appearance up, my hair, nails, spray tans in winter, beauty treatments, work outs etc. It costs money which I can afford.

I have recently heard of a lady who was married to a doctor and started up on Gold Coast escorts at 66 she is now 68. More power to her. I am growing old gracefully and wont be told to give up my job. I know there is stigma attached with it. I cannot come out to  my family or many of my friends but I am dignified and still belong to prestigious organizations. A lot of men find it hard to comprehend that I lead a normal life style. I attend theater, political rallies,  go to restaurants and go to bed at normal times and  do not do drugs .I am well traveled and a good conversationalist and extremely down to earth   and will not under any circumstance practice anything unsafe.

My job is exciting at times and I don't see reason to quit.

I find being a touring private escort has pluses and minuses.

The plus side is that it is exciting to go to different places. I now have traveled to every state in Australia. I had always wanted to go to Darwin, now I have been there several times. As well as just escorting, I made sure I saw the wonderful things this country has to offer that folks come from all over the world to see, such as Kakadu and Litchfield Park and swam in the water holes. How exciting! Meeting different kinds of people all nationalities. I have no barriers on race. I have also worked in different countries. I was in Hawaii .I thought I would take a holiday for a month. However it is illegal and I was set up by an undercover Aussie cop working for the HPD. I was arrested, not a pleasant thing I can say. I have no conviction luckily, but it was stressful and expensive for me. I have worked as a escort in Bali, but was nervous  so I made the most of my holiday with a little extra pocket money. The thing is you can take yourself anywhere and just put an ad in the paper and internet. I have been in mining towns also. Now for the down side, the expenses, accommodation, airfares, or petrol and of course food, all is to be taken off the profit. Some trips not being worthwhile. I do get jetlagged flying around and when I get home it takes a few days to adjust. Living out of a suitcase is limiting. You never know how many girls are in a place till you get there. Not all trips bring a profit. I have met so many other  nice  working ladies in different places  to have dinner  or coffee and share ideas with. In all I do love my life and and what it provides me as well as the fun. 

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