Yatla truck stop fantasy

With all this hot weather were having a girls got to strip off to cool down. Its been hot in the car, too hot and as I turned the airconditioner up high it blew my skirt up. It felt sooooooo nice, I had to have a little feel that was when I noticed the truck beside me at the lights was having a good look so I played up to him giving myself a good fingering his eyes almost popped outa his head especially when I put those naughty fingers to my mouth and had a good suck…damn the lights changed and we had to take off but it gave me an idea.

I found a truck stop in Yatla just north of the Gold Coast and a bit before Benleigh. I parked next to a trucker having a feed and started all over again skirt up high fingers searching my pussy, he wasn’t looking so I accidentally deliberately hit the horn..... with my head tilted back and fingers doing the walking he suddenly noticed and couldn’t take his eyes off me.

I spread my legs further apart so he could have a good look by now he knew I was playing up to him and he jumped outa the truck opened my door grabbed me by the hair with his hard cock in his other hand said “Is this what you want little girl”…little girl…. OK what ever he wants lol I took it in my mouth with him pushing my head down he didn’t have to I was a willing participant I sucked it hard taking as much as I could till I gagged then I came back to the head and licked all the way down the shaft looking for his balls they were as hard as a rock I managed to get both into my mouth at once I could feel the spunk cumin so I tried to get him back into my mouth but he pulled the condom off and said “A slut like you needs a good face job”…he gave me a glorious facial but he wasn’t finished with me yet. He pulled me outa the car and pushed me onto the back seat by now we had an audience and I heard someone call GANGER oh yes please this night was gona be fun for all.

Someone opened the other back door and forced a nice hard cock into my mouth while I felt another pushing into pussy…this was what I was looking for these truckers were horny buggers and I was ready to take them all on before long both my mouth and cunt were full of cum filled rubbers then I heard someone call “Charlies got a room” I was taken back there with hands all over me on the walk and I loved every minute of it.

I jumped onto the bed laid with my legs spread as far apart as I could they wanted me to give them a show first and I was happy to oblige my fingers found my pussy after much exploring I put my fingers to my mouth and sucked them clean.

It was on for young and old after 3 hours we were all exhausted cocks in every orifice by now I had one guy under me near the end of the bed with his feet touching the floor. I felt someone touching my butt and heard him say "I gona give u a surprize girlie" his hard cock found my butt opening and by now I was well lubricated he pushed his cock hard into my butt I was ready and eager for him to take my ass there was no jumping on my part my butt received him gladly lol it was him got the surprize when he heard the moans of pleasure not pain now they found I loved to be butt fucked so I had one in pussy and one in ass a double banger another cock in my mouth and yet more wanking and spunking all over my tits the cum was everywhere face back and tits.....I was in seventh heaven one big cum bath.

Wow what a night I know where I’m going next time I get bored.