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All video's on this page have been added by private escorts, escort agencies or brothels in Australia. The video uploaded must comply with the prostitution licensing authority or legal authority in the states of Victoria,Queensland, S.A, Western Australia, Northern Territory, ACT and Tasmania. This new video feature gives all sex-workers the power to control their own videos which they can uplode from their mobile phone, tablets and laptops. The escort videos are to be between 10 and 25 seconds in length. 


When hiring an escort all you can see is just the photograph and details of the model on the directory listings. This surely helps you to get a clear picture of the escort you are seeking to hire services of but nowadays most of the photographs are bogus to true nature. At Golden Escorts we believe in providing the most authentic company to our customer. And thus we provide genuine escorts video options which help you to easily understand the companion you are going to hire.


The major setback which stops a traveller from hiring an escort is the fear of getting something which was not promised. And fake photos are the real reason behind it, our videos of escorts help you to easily see yourself and select the most genuine company you are searching for while travelling to any part of Australia. The escorts calling videos are not only real but also of pretty good lengths making you aware of all details of the services provided by us.


Escorts video on our website are updated regularly clearing the problem of stagnation and boredom. Also with the videos of escorts you can choose and understand each and every detail clearing the doubt of confusion and hysteria. Videos help you to make your choices easy they also ensure that the escort you are going to hire is the correct choice of partner you are looking for. Some escorts calling videos also have all the proper details required to avail them.


Best Customer Satisfaction


Our dedicated support team makes sure that all the escorts video listed on our directory are true to its nature. Also these videos are very specifically designed to help you get all the required and needful details of our escorts. If you need a beautiful woman or a handsome man and you are facing a very difficult time amid the confusion of selecting them through photographs the video of escorts helps you to overcome this problem. Also with a very strict policy of verification our team makes this at top priority that all the videos of escorts are updated in regular intervals of time.


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We at gold cost escorts understand that each and every individual have their own specific needs and desires. And with the help of our wide and different services we try to fulfil all of it. All escorts videos on our page are added by independent private escorts, brothels or escort agencies in Australia. The videos uploaded meets all the requirement of prostitution licensing authority of the different states of Queensland, Northern Territory, Tasmania, S.A, Western Australia, NSW etc. The new Escorts video features also give the models the power of controlling their own videos which can be uploaded from any handheld devices.


Our experts also understand your specified concerns and if you face any problem a gold coast executive is just a phone call away. Don’t be sad of your loneliness be it any part of Australia just come to our directory and hire the best by seeing the exact escorts video you are seeking for.